Several contributions at the 2017 PhD student symposium of Saarland University

Like all years before, our team is again making a major contribution to the PhD student poster symposium of Saarland University. The event is being held in the Aula from 2-4 PM.

  • Simon Fleischmann: Carbon onion / metal oxide: hybridization or nanocomposite? What system can deliver a better performance for electrochemical energy storage?
  • Nicolas Jäckel: Performance evaluation of conductive additives for supercapacitor electrodes
  • Benjamin Krüner: Novolac‐derived carbon beads for LiS‐batteries, supercapacitors, and capacitive deionization
  • Juhan Lee: Redox electrolytes for high performance electrochemical energy storage
  • Hwirim Shim: Lithium titanium oxide/carbon onion hybrid as an anode material for lithium ion batteries
  • Aura Tolosa: Continuous hybrid fibers: highways for rapid electron transport in battery electrodes

Two contributions at the ISE conference in Providence

There are two contributions with our work at this year’s Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry. On August 29th, Juhan Lee is giving an invited oral presentation wiht the title “Redox-enabling nanoporous carbons for high-performance energy storage” and collaborator Bastian Etzold (TU Darmstadt) is giving an oral talk on “Core-shell carbide-derived carbons as platform for high performance electrochemical energy storage and electrocatalysis”.

Collaborator Christian Prehal presents joint work at the IMRC in Cancun

Christian Prehal from the Institute of Physics at Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria) is presenting joint work on in situ tracking of ion electrosorption in nanoporous carbon at the XXVI International Materials Research Congress (IMRC) in Cancun, Mexico. The invited lecture is entitled “Structure and kinetics of ions in nanoporous carbon supercapacitors studied by in situ X-ray scattering and atomistic modelling”.

Simon Fleischmann and Marco Zeiger giving presentations at the CARBON 2017 conference in Australia

Simon Fleischmann and Marco Zeiger are participating at this years installment of the CARBON conference in Melbournce, Australia. Both our PhD students received also a travel fellowship of the German Academic Exchange Organization (DAAD) to cover the conference trip costs. On July 26th, Marco Zeiger is giving a talk called “Designing the carbon/vanadia interface for hybrid electrochemical energy storage” and Simon Fleischmann gives an oral presentation with the title “Carbon onions as substrate/conductive additive for asymmetric vanadia supercapacitor anodes”.